Get a Reliable Heating Repair Service From Us

Having heating issues in the middle of a winter night is something that you do not want to experience. For this not to happen, it is wise to avail of heating repair service even before the winter comes. As a homeowner, you know that the problem arises when you start using the heating unit. Here in Elite Air conditioning and heating, we encourage our clients to have their heating units inspected and repaired before the winter. Our HVAC specialists have years of experience. They know the signs of damage in the heating unit, and they know how to deal with it.

What Is the Matter With Your Heating Unit?

There are three common problems why the heating unit is not producing the right temperature. These are thermostat problems, filtration problems, and mechanical problems. If you have either of these three problems, you can expect to have a problematic heating unit throughout the winter. Whether you know how to handle these types of issues or not, it is wise to avail of our heating repair service.

We Have 35 Years of Experience

We have seen how the HVAC units have changed over the years. Whether you are still using the old type heating unit or the one that uses the latest technological advancements, we know how to repair both. We have trained and studied how these machines work and what damages them. We know all parts of the unit and how they are connected. We will make sure that your unit is safe while we are repairing it. Your home is safe with us as well. Not only do we know how to handle the heating unit itself, but we also learned how to handle the electrical system. Thus, you can be assured of a safe heating repair service.

Leave the Heating Repair to Us

Elite Air conditioning and heating only has one goal, to ensure that the house we go to will have a working unit before we leave. With our heating service, you can be assured of a lasting result. If you are having trouble with your heating unit, call our HVAC specialist at (310) 977-0907 right away.

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